A simple, lightweight and modular PHP framework.

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Latest release: v0.9.9

Strong Foundation

Take advantage of the rakit's built-in features. Develop truly great applications. Rakit gives you a solid foundation, a mature code base, and a sensible approach to writing web applications.

Get Started Quickly

Whether you are a beginner or a professional PHP programmer, rakit will get you up and running in less time. There is no convoluted installation procedure. Just download and extract.

Less Writing

Speed up your development process. rakit is very light, easy to use, modular and fast. Most importantly, rakit doesn't get in your way. Rakit are so easy to learn that you can save money on training expenses.

Complete Features

Rakit is an easy-to-use web development tool, it comes with fast URL routing, multi-protocol cache driver, powerful database abstraction layer, and support for multilingual applications.

Let's Start!

It's time to start developing web applications the easy way!

Download v0.9.9


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