Basic Knowledge

Welcome to the documentation page. This document is intended to become a getting started guide and as feature reference as well.

Even you can jump to any part of this document and start learning, we suggest you to read the documentation sequentially so we can gradually build the concepts which will be used in the next documents.

What is Rakit?

Rakit is a simple and easy to learn PHP framework. New users will enjoy the ease of use similar with the one you find in other popular frameworks.

More experienced users will get the chance of modulating t heir code with ways they won't find in other frameworks.

It's flexibility enable your organization to update and shape the application as when needed, its expressiveness will enable you and your team to develop more concise and easier to read code.

Application Structure

Directory structure created in such way to keep other framework users feel familiar. Any form of web application or size can be made easily using this structure, quite similar with those they have been made it in other frameworks.

Throughout the documentation we will show the default location for each component under discussion.

Community Support

Rakit is quite lucky being supported by growing community of passionate and friendly people. Forum is the right place to find help, give suggestions, or just looking around to see what people said.

You are welcome to ask questions, answering other people's questions, or just read and learn from other people's answered questions. Many developers have joined, make yourself at home!


Rakit is an open source software released under the MIT License.

It means you are allowed to modify, redistribute and use it for your personal or commercial purposes, provided that you must retain information about the original author, the software is provided "as is" without warranty of any kind. In no event shall the authors be liable for any damages caused from the use of this software.