Topik: Rakit v0.9.9 siap diuji coba

Versi pra-rilis ke-empat (v0.9.9) telah siap diuji coba.


  • Console: allow passing string to Console::run()

  • Console: optimize package downloader

  • Model: remove unused has_one_or_many() method

  • Email: Fix can't use function return value in write context on PHP 5.4

  • Blade: rename @yield_section to @show

  • Blade: remove unused tap() method

  • Console: add command example

  • Docs: delete useless

  • Schema: Fix wrong query on has_column() - thanks @reidsneo

  • Schema: Fix forgot to escape the column

  • Database: DB::select() now accept splat parameters

  • Blade: do not run compile_csrf() when no @csrf called

  • View: use blade for all views

  • Event: rename Event::listeners() to Event::exists()

  • Str: add comment blocks

  • Console: fix typo of --database= cli option

  • Console: rename command migrate:make to make:migration

  • Console: fix cannot install package

  • Database: make $operator parameter as optional in DB::where() - thanks @ZerosDev

  • Fix notice undefined index 'autoboot' - thanks @ZerosDev

  • Docs: fix small typo - thanks @rhmtty

  • Docs: add README translation to formal english - thanks @CxrlosKenobi

  • Console: fix forgot to register gitlab provider

  • Session: use 'file' as default session driver

  • Docs: add composer installation guide


  • Catatan perubahan dapat dilihat disini

  • Lengkapnya dapat dilihat disini

Cara Upgrade

  • Unduh ulang. Tidak kompatibel dengan versi sebelumnya.